It’s Not A Question Of Playing Drums or Not, It’s About Your Mindset

Hey folks! short blog today. The question isn’t “can I play drums or not, it’s about your goals and mindset. Society will tell you that you CAN’T. Well they CAN’T decide that for you. ONLY YOU CAN. Please allow me to explain further.

If you think you can, you’re right. If you think can’t, you’re right. I’m going to emphasize this again. If YOU THINK you cant, then you wont. If YOU THINK you can, you will. People dont realize half the time that it’s a decision. And ONLY YOU can and WILL make that decision. Society CANT stop you. And that not something most people can handle in their minds.

So what do you do? Do the things that you know to do and more. Whatever that is. If you want to become a better drummer, than get on the path of becoming a better drummer, without anyone’s permission. Go learn wedding songs in order to play weddings. Go Learn Broadway tunes to prepare yourself for Broadway if that’s your desired path. Go learn as many cover songs as you can in order to get the gigs. Go build a teaching studio with PERSISTENCE regarding the LONG TERM. You DONT need anyone’s permission.

Get uncomfortable. Put yourself in situation that will by default make you a better drummer. If you’re not comfortable teaching in front of the camera, get in front of the camera until you do feel comfortable. It’s very simple. You have to just do it, and keep doing it. And in doing that, you will build confidence.

cheers and have fun with the LONG TERM!

Zac Treby

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