A Whole Month of One Style

In our Hardcore Drummers Academy we expose our students to a whole month of one style. Our students pick one style that they get to delve into and commit towards their practice time.

The goal is to focus on one thing. Just one. This is aside from the syllabus plans which are already laid out for them. It’s an addition to what they’re already doing. This way there’s some type of sanity. For instance, let’s say a student chooses Contemporary Jazz as an addition. That automatically ups the additional practice he or she must put in. Of course the main goal is obtaining gig work, however it is smart to learn other things for sanity’s sake.

Drummers work hard in the Academy. There are no exceptions, because the whole idea is to be the drummer everyone wants to play with. The only to accomplish such a feat, is to put in the hard work. THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS! Understanding this right here and now will save a lot of heartbreak and perhaps lives. We put the pressure on our students for a reason. We take the fear out so to be able to go out and take the gig work.

Zac Treby


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