10 Songs In 10 Days

This is a short example of the preparation drummers would have to go through in my Hardcore Drummers Academy. In the Academy I push students to the limit in hopes of turning them into gig ready players that will go out there and conquer the gigs.

1 song a day

This may seem easy, but it’s not. For some, this will be hard. For some, this will be easy. It’s up to the individual on whether or not they will put in the work. Plain and simple. There is no point in sugar coating, because life does not sugar coat a thing. The question is, can you push through? Can you over ride resistance? Can you shut your brain off and just do it? Can you hold yourself accountable? These is the kind of lessons and principles students of The Hardcore Academy learn.

Tip – do it anyway

If you have to dumb down the process in your brain to get things accomplished, then do just that. The results will be surprising and motivating at the very least and you will find yourself on a new vision course. We call this “little victories”. By putting the work in, you clarify to yourself that you are capable of accomplishing hard tasks. That’s it! Get to it and have fun with it! 


Zac Treby


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