Classes at the Hardcore Drummers Academy

First let’s start by saying HDA is not for everyone. But it is for drummers who are serious about starting a career in playing drums. We’re going to go into some of the things we teach in HDA from what we expect to assignments.

  1. A willingness to work hard

The assignments at HDA are designed to give you real world experience directly from the work-place. Yes, you heard that right. It would be a benefit to learn how to work real hard. playing full fledged gigs and getting paid for it is not for the faint at heart. It’s hard. But at HDA we make it easier for you so you know what to expect.

2. A 3 song minimum for audition

Not everyone gets into HDA. Every potential students gets to audition with a 3 song minimum. Some students come in only having 1 or 2 songs prepared, in which case they are rejected. 3 song preps are easy. The students that are prepared, and come prepared, they are the ones that get in. In a working band, the norm is learning a bunch of songs in a small amount of time. And students learn at rates they are not quite accustomed to just yet.

3. All access HDA Library

The music library of HDA is quite large. Our students get full-time access to our music library for free along with the new material provided to them at the beginning of the Program. The library changes every 12 weeks with updated songs added to keep up with demands.

4. 10 songs in 10 days

This is a spin-off of one of our assignments in HDA. Students MUST during the program prepare 10 songs and play them for the class. This creates feedback, which helps them tremendously, and builds confidence with the other students. In the gigging field, students end up getting accustomed to learning many tunes in a very short amount of time. This is a habit we endeavor to build in our students.

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