Confidence or Excuses as a Working Drummer

Ego can be left at the door.  But Self Esteem and Confidence is the key to a great drummer.  For example, a drummer with Self Esteem will go out into the field and acquire every gig he can get his hands on.  A drummer without Confidence or Self Esteem will make excuses why he cant go out there and do it.  Or do anything for that matter.  A drummer with little to no confidence wont achieve very much because of the fear he has hidden within his or herself.  A confident drum however, has the go-getter mindset.  He’ll say – SCREW IT, and he’ll go out and conquer.

Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking.  Can a drummer change and escape this excuse trap?  The answer is a resound YES!  Anyone can have this mindset if the individual chooses to do so.  It’s not a matter of talent or ability, but rather a matter of discipline.  For instance, if you were to make a goal such as to the undertaking of learning as many Broadway tunes or shows as you can (thanks to YouTube) you would have developed the Confidence to master a particular field in the music industry. 

Once you’ve done that, you’re now ready with that Confidence to acquire a Broadway gig!  See how easy it is?  All I’m talking about is changes in direction in your head.  You’ve developed a discipline.  It’s a sort of “mind conditioning”  And no it’s not brain washing.  It’s a change in perspective. 

If you can do this, you will have unlocked a tried and true key to becoming a great drummer.  This has nothing with talent or ability.  Although by doing these disciplines, you will, by default, get better.  You are raising the bar or standard in your mind.  That’s it!  It’s not that hard.  The question is, will you move forward with the right mindet?  


Zac Treby

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