Making a name for yourself as a drummer

With the internet these days, there’s so much opportunity to promote ourselves as drummers.  It will take time as everything does.  Look at it from the view point of growing a business.  Because that’s exactly what it is, if you’re getting paid for it.  Let’s delve into some ways to get out there in the public eye.

  1. Gig Videos

Now this is a given.  Everyone has a smart phone.  The smart is your best friend.  Record yourself on the gig by using your smart phone, placing it somewhere on stage for a clear view of you and your drumset.

  • Teaching Videos

If you are a competent teacher, you’ll want to showcase this with YouTube videos and the like.  You can promote yourself on most social media sites.  Social Media is the best way to get out there with little to no cost. 

  • Master Classes

I myself like to use YouTube for my master Classes.  Usually they are free when I decide to give them on YouTube, however, you can also give Master Classes offline and charge for it.  If you have the technology available to you, you can also do a Master Classes on more than one platform at the same time.

  • Webinars

Webinars are another way to promote yourself as a drummer, if you have an instructional E-book or DVD that you recently released and you want to get more traction, webinars are a great way to go.

  • Advertising

This is much easier than you think.  Make some photos and/or videos of yourself on your drum set using something like “Canva” and post it on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram or possibly Craigslist.  You do not have to stick with just those I mentioned, seeing there are many more sites to choose from. As a drummer, you are selling yourself.  That’s not a bad thing.  If you think it is, you’re missing the bigger picture.   

That’s just a few ways to promote yourself as a drummer.  You’ll want to stay consistent, seeing people forget things after 10 seconds scrolling on their phones.  There will be times when the phone does not ring or emails are not coming in.  Don’t worry about that, just stay persistent and you’ll reap the rewards you are looking for.


Zac Treby   

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