Playing Drums In A Wedding Band

What do you need to know?

Playing in a wedding band can seem like a big task.  Which it is.  But it doesn’t need to seem like such a big task if you prepare for it.  We’re gonna get into some easy specifics on how to achieve playing drums in a wedding Band.

  1. Aquiring Song-lists

Just like a bar gig or any other gig, you can prepare for a wedding gig no problem.  Get the song-list ahead of time, or if you’re at the beginning stages of aquiring those skills to be able to play wedding band music, go aon google and type in “wedding music” or “Wedding Band songs”.  A lot of times you can looks up wedding bands in the area that have the songlists o their website.  That’s very common

  •  Prepare

So now you have your song list.  What do you do?  PRACTICE!  PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRCATICE!  It’s crucial that you practice the songs inside and out!  No exceptions!  You will be prepared to the hilt, if you put the time in.  Sure you struggle here and there in your practice sessions, but that’s ok, just stick with it, and you’ll be fine.

  • Rinse and Repeat

The reason why you would “Rinse and Repeat” is to make sure you don’t get sloppy.  The goal is get better and better, continuing to sharpen your skills.  The best players are the ones that keep working at it day in and day out.  Learning is an exciting adventure. 

  • Go the extra mile

This is a foreign concept for most.  Why not add to your setlists every week?  Or every other week?  Try to learn as many songs as possible.  Who knows, you might come across a gig where someone requests a song you’ve been working on, and you can play it out of the blue.  It happens.  It a lot more common than you think.  Give it a try!


Zac Treby  

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