The Difference Between Drum Lessons and The Hardcore Drummers Academy

The difference between Drum Lessons and the Hardcore Drummers Academy is quite simple.  Regular everyday people take lessons because either it’s something to do, or they may want to learn how to have more discipline, maybe get to a whole different level.  Some just enjoy playing drums.  

Then there’s the other side of the coin.

The Hardcore Drummers Academy is for careers.  People come to HDA to get PUSHED for careers in the music industry as drummers, learning how to make a living.  It’s a different animal.  That’s what our students do.  They eat, sleep and drink drums during HDA in order to go out and acquire the gigs they want and take them. Which means drummers get to play gigs such as:





Just to name a few

Anyone can play the drums. It depends upon the individual and what they want.

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