There’s A Way Out: Drummers Success

There’s A Way Out:

Drummers Success

So there’s a big question among drummers that haunts their brains from time to time. How do drummers make money these days? How can I as a drummer make money and bring in a income for myself. Look no further! Lets delve right in of things to try.

  1. Cover gigs

You can bring in $100 to $150 a week with just one cover band. Imagine if you were a part of 2 or 3?  That means you could double or triple that income depending on how many bands you play with. As long as they are a “working band” you will do just fine. This goes for weddings and Tribute bands as well. Weddings and tributes pay significantly higher of course, but you get the idea.  We teach our students how to get the gigs in our 


2. Teaching Drums

This is one of my favorites, being an instructor myself. You can bring in a significant amount of income building a teaching business out of your home. That also means little to no over-head! With a bit of advertising, you can cover a lot of ground for your teaching studio and build a great roster of students to teach on a weekly basis.

3. Recording Drums

If you have the means to do this, it could be a nice supplement to your income. With a few microphones and recording software, record your drums for peoples’ projects. If you’re not already comfortable playing to a metronome, now’s the time to start, because you will need that ability to record your drum tracks to songs people send you

4, Make E-books

With technology today like Canva, you can create your own custom-made instructional e-book for sale on your website. This also goes for other products such as DVDs, Courses and the like. If you can build a whole catalog of products, that’s a great way to show off your business.

That’s just a few ideas to get drummers started thinking about building a line of income for themselves. Give it a try!


Zac Treby

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