HARDCORE Rudiments: Preparation For Learning Rudiments

There’s no easy shortcuts when it comes to quality. None whatsoever. In order to be great, you have to think great. So what makes a great drummer? We’re going to learn some keys to preparation today in this blog post as well as how to learn the rudiments.

  1. Preparation

Forget about learning Rudiments for a moment. For now, focus on preparation. What do YOU need to do in order to make preparation a major priority in your life?

Here it is… Make a list. Seriously. Make a list and stick to it. That’s where the results come. In this case we’re blogging about rudiments. Now let’s make that list.

2.  40 rudiments in 40 days

That’s a no-brainer, right? It’s easy! Just take one rudiment a day and make that your main focus. In 40 days, you would have mastered all 40 rudiment by taking one rudiment at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to do all at once, you can do that later after your initial 40 days of practice. There’s are countless videos online where you can find “How to play rudiments”. There’s no short supply of information, that’s for sure. Now the last part I want to touch on is…

3.  Focus

Yes, this is the main goal. Focus. This is what will set you far above all the other wanna-be drummers out there. I would know. I was in the same boat once upon a time. If you can stay focused on one thing, and not get side-tracked off of it, it will be a rewarding habit for years to come.

Happy Drumming!

Zac Treby


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