Mom & Pop, Brick and Mortar Drum Lessons? Why?

DRUMMERS!  Why would you subject yourselves to the curriculums of the stupid Mom and Pop (claim to be) so-called music schools, when you can start your own teaching business from your own home for next to nothing?  Why aren’t you doing that?  You’re missing a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY!  What in the world are you thinking? 

I’ve worked for these places, and it is EXTREMELY LIMITING.  One of the limited reasons I’m speaking of, is having to use ONLY the stores’ material to teach the lessons.  Usually they don’t upkeep with the drumming industry, let alone the music industry, so that means when new materials are coming out, they don’t know about it!  How can they survive like that?  You need to know what’s out there!  Keeping abreast of the industry is crucial to a teachers success! 

And yet, these so-called Mom & Pop stores do the same things since 1969, and they wonder why they’re going out of business?  If you’re not going to keep up with the industry, SHUT YOUR DOORS!  The competition is going to STEAL your success and drive you out of business.  Hands down. 

STUDENTS!  Don’t be afraid of the in-Home lessons at the teachers’ house.  Usually, I have found that the teaching is far better, mainly due to the unlimited and unconstrained possibilities and custom curriculums of the teachers own studio setup. 

Watch how the real guys do it!

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