Leaving a Drumming Legacy

As drummers and educators, it’s important to think about leaving a legacy for people who we’ve inspired. And as drummers it’s quite common to think about how to do that. Here’s a simple answer…


Seriously! Take action. Write music and release it, write e-books, film DVDs, join Broadway, build a teaching student roster, put on Master Classes,
Clinics, or Workshops. DO SOMETHING! And finish it!

Get obsessed with the idea of rolling out new material. And stick with it. If you start now and commit to release a large body of work, you’ll be surprised how much attention you get and work you are capable of doing.

What will you leave the future generations with? This very thought holds you accountable. Think of it as what you’ve contributed to the world. So as drummers, what legacy are we leaving? And everyone’s legacy will be different. Become a leader in the drumming community. Be a mentor to others. Your passions are your legacy. So start now and roll them out!

Zac Treby


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