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Dont miss the Live performance of “This Is Real” on February 20th, 800PM at ZET STUDIOS LLC. The performance will go live on YouTube.

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Zac Treby is a composer/Songwriter who produces a wide variety of music through his self-owned Record Label under ZET STUDIOS LLC. Zac releases music on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, and is best known for producing Progressive Christian Rock music on a theatrical level, which tell stories and painting mind pictures.

Behind The Music: The Story So Far…

The music is designed to lift people up out of their ruts. Our upcoming album “Reaching For The Dawn” will be the message of Stretched out arms in a specific direction in order to grasp something. People need to know there’s a way up and out no matter what they might be going through. It is in the hopes that the music will give people a direction, and confidence in something to shoot for. So many are lost, and they need comfort. The message is “Reaching For The Dawn”

Treby became a Christian back in 2004. He left his former band Hak Z, immediately following their album release. Treby responded to the calling to make his music and recording more faith prominent. He felt this would not be appropriate for a band context. Years later wrote “reconstruction” am album yet to be released in 2021, an epic theatrical Progressive concept record. His music would be best described as Prog-Christian Music.

Back in 2004, Zac became a Christian, leaving the bands he was involved with immediately following an album release with Hak Z, an Asian metal band, Zac responded to the calling to make his personal faith more prominent in his recorded output. He felt this was not appropriate or possible for a band context.

What The Music Stands For

The Music stands for the theatrical. Faith, Positivity, Purpose, Focus, Positive Mental Attitude, and motivational mindset. The music stands for connecting.

Zac’s Music Release Itinerary

“This is Real” will be released in 10 days on February 10th. 3 days after the release, Zac will have a LIVE performance of the release from his home studio in New Jersey (date also to be announced). After this Pandemic is over, Zac will be traveling to the local areas of New Jersey and perform the new release live. Those dates will be posted as well. Keep checking in for updates!


This Is Real

Countdown To Release – Tomorrow