Hardcore Drummers Academy

What is HDA?

Welcome to the Hardcore Drummers Academy, where we teach our students how to obtain work in the drumming field.  Most Music Programs do not present to students how to go about getting paid gig work and preparing for the industry.  The Hardcore Drummers Academy is one of the hardest and challenging Programs in existence.  It will determine whether or not you are ready for success in the gigging field.  The issue is not being good enough on the instrument, but rather an individuals’ mindset.  The Hardcore Drummers Academy will teach you how to get comfortable being uncomfortable, while at the same time enhancing growth through accountability and taking ACTION.  Understand that HDA is not for everyone.  Please choose wisely.  For individuals who want big success in the gigging field, we welcome you and look forward to working with you.  To your quantum leap in Drumming!

Zac Treby

Sample Syllabus

– Audition – 3 song minimum

– All Access HDA Library

– Master Classes

– Workshop

– Courses

– Play-along songs

– Mentorship

– Drum Coaching

– Gig list building

– Step by step Lessons

– 10 Songs In 10 Days

– Tracking Progress

– 10 Rudiments In 10 Days

– Mandatory Practice Vlogs  

30 songs in 2 weeks

Duration: 12 weeks

Academic: Full Time

Tuition: $1000

Includes Free consultation before you sign up:

Email: zactreby@gmail.com

Phone: 201-887-1407