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Learn a scientifically grounded and tested system of integrated Drumming and Music Education that gets incredible results. In the Drummers Institute of NJ you will learn functional anatomy of movement, a huge library of assessments and exercises, an intuitive approach to Technique, posture and lifestyle Drum Practice, coaching techniques and a framework that unifies all of that into an approach that makes powerful sense of the Music and Drumming journey!

we offer programs and coaching in the following styles:

Rock and Heavy Metal



Technique and Reading

Double Bass


Funk and R&B

Progressive Rock

Latin and Afro-Cuban

Hip Hop and more…

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Zac Treby is a New Jersey-based drummer. In his formative development years, Zac studied with many influential teachers/performers such as Fred Klatz, Kim Plainfield, Peter Retzlaff, Rich Robinson, Memo Acevedo, Ian Froman.

As a performer, Zac is equally at home in jazz, rock, heavy metal, funk, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Caribbean, odd meter, and New Orleans drumming styles. Zac has played with The Shots, The Polish Nannies, Down 2 Earth, Matty Marz, Mac Paige, Sax & Co, Joe Berger, The Bloomsbury Church Band, and has recorded various musical projects of his own material as a composer.  Zac also records remote drum tracks for various songs and projects, and is the sole owner of Drummers Institute of NJ and producer of Treby Music Productions.

As an educator, Zac is the Owner and Director of Zac Treby Drums and a full-time instructor. As a school curriculum director, Zac created material for several Drumming programs. As an instructor, Zac teaches Courses and private lessons as well as workshop classes in jazz, rock, Heavy Metal, Gospel Chops, Hip-Hop, funk-RnB, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Caribbean drumming styles. In addition, he teaches classes in reading, chart interpretation, brushes, soloing, rudiments and technique (fundamental concepts, Moeller and push pull), and he teaches ensemble repertoire and performance in varied styles.

In addition, Zac is the author of a series of books,

Framing Time, Afro-cuban Rhythms For the Drum set, Rock Styles, Concepts: Musical ideas for the modern drummer, Contemporary Jazz: Jazz Vocabulary for Drummers, Hyper Growth.

Zac has attended The Berklee College of music in Boston, and The Drummers Collective in New York City.